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Request your Absentee Ballot

To vote without leaving your home, in Minnesota, you can vote by mail. Simply, click here to obtain your absentee ballot.

The two-step process to vote by mail starts with applying for your ballot. You can use either the online application, or download the form to send in to request your ballot be mailed to you. For more details, click on the link above.


2020 Early Voting Dates

You can vote early with an absentee ballot at your local elections office. If you are not registered, you can do so in person if you show proof of residence. Click here for more information at the MN Secretary of State’s Office.

First day to vote early in person: Friday, September 18
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, November 2


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2020 Election Dates

The General Election is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Want to learn more about voting, here is information from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office.


What does a County Commissioner do?

1) Represents Constituents & County

Your county board member is one of seven key policymakers for Ramsey County and represents the interests of your community on the board and at state and federal events.

2) Manages County Personnel

As the oversight for the personnel system, commissioners also hire the administrative head of the county, who manages day-to-day county services.

3) Shapes the Future of the County

Commissioners develop and implement long-term, comprehensive planning measures.

4) Approves Annual County Budgets

Balance the needs of the county with the ability to raise revenues and pay for mandated state and federal programs.

5) Oversees County Issues and Services

Meets regularly on topics such as parks, public health, public safety, human services and libraries.

Source: MNCounties.org

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